Counter Balance Clothing started three years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area. We were just a group of friends ranging from San Diego to the Bay Area, soaking up both sides of the California Coin. We lived for underground hip-hop, skateboarding, street art, and living life to its fullest. We sold our first designs to local boutiques, funded solely on a personal credit card. When the orders would get too large, friends would step in to help fund the orders. This collaboration began with a strong brotherhood of friends, and as we grow, we continue to add storeowners, fans, and customers alike to our portfolio. Our designs represent our generation in fun and political ways. You can be sure that each one of our shirts is a canvas that expresses a piece of the world we live in.


Counter Balance is a company designed to oppose the status quo. Here at Counter Balance we believe that innovation brings change, and change facilitates new ideas. We strive to bring thought provoking ideas to those who are tired of the oversaturated market. With high quality apparel we want to be a piece of walking art, not a billboard for consumption. Our idea is that counteracting forces drive everything in the universe; when they combine, we are counter balance. Tune the establishment out, turn your mind on, and counter the opposition.